Michael Schlesinger talks the Godzilla sequel that never happened

The current incarnation of Godzilla is still doing big numbers at the box office, but there was a time when there was going to a sequel to the American release of Godzilla 2000 called Godzilla: Reborn. Author of Japan’s Favourite Mon-Star, Steve Ryfle sat down with Michael Schlesinger (who wrote and produced the American release of Godzilla 2000) via Sci-Fi Japan to discuss the sequel, that never happened.

“Believe it or not, it started as a joke. I’m friends with Joe Dante and Jon Davison, and one day late in 2000, I bumped into Jon on the lot — he was producing The Sixth Day at the time. I mentioned that Toho had liked our version [of Godzilla 2000] so much that they were using it in some other countries where it hadn’t yet opened, such as India, and were even playing it in Tokyo for a week before Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus opened.

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