Someone’s killing pretty models at 'Club Lingerie'

by Gerald Beanery,

On rare occasion, every few hundred thousand movies or so, you may come across a captivating mystery thriller with so much life-changing meaning, such realistic nerve curdling emotion, such awe-struck wonder and curious disbelief, through tears and through laughter, the viewer is transformed into an entirely new being, for the better, and will live on under a new persona for the rest of their life, reflecting on that specific motif of entertainment.

Jared Masters, the surrealist who helmed recent horror melodramas Slink, Teachers’ Day, and Deadly Punkettes, now has his new film, Club Lingerie, also known as Passion Show, halfway in the can.

The motion picture is his most serious, intellectual, genre defying and most challenging project yet. The story is compiled of colorful characters whose mannerisms project into on screen tensions that simmer to a boil and will explode into an aggrandized cinematic trend setter.

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