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Vir Das searches for his soulmate in ‘Amit Sahni Ki List’: Check the Trailer

An interesting and fun trailer for Vir Das’ new upcoming film ‘Amit Sahni Ki List’ has been released. The trailer shows a glimpse of the actor as he searches for his soulmate- according to his one and only list.

‘Amit Sahni ki list’, is about Amit, a 28-year old successful investment banker with an Mnc, and his search for the woman from his dreams, correction the woman from his List. In his pursuit, he meets many women but in vain, until he meets Mala. Mala is everything that Amit is Not looking for in a woman. And yet for the first time, Amit’s List philosophy comes under serious scanner as he starts falling for her. They get engaged, but forty-eight hours after their engagement, the woman from Amit’s dreams – correction – the woman from Amit’s List – Devika – walks into his life!

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