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Blu-ray Review: Remarkable Breadth of Modern Animation in New Releases

Remember when we were growing up? We were Lucky if we got a decent animated film once a year in the ’80s and we spent most of our Saturday mornings watching total junk that now passes as nostalgia. We can say that music, film, or even literature was better when we younger. Animation? No way. Just take a look at four recent releases of the animated form that perfectly show the breadth and remarkable quality of the medium (and, yes, animation is a “form,” not a “genre.”)

The two best animated films of 2014 happen to come out on the same day on Blu-ray, tomorrow, June 17, 2014. One was even nominated for the Oscar this year (but not released domestically) and the other is likely to Win the Oscar next year (unless “The Box Trolls” lives up to my sky-high expectations). One has already been seen by millions of people around the

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