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Now Streaming on Netflix - Watch Sammy Davis Jr and Eartha Kitt Fall in Love in 'Anna Lucasta'

So once again I went down to the basement and searched my secret vault for those rare, forgotten or unknown black films or TV gems such as "Tamango," "Toxi," "Coonskin," "Roll Out" or the Grace Bumbry "Carmen" opera film, to see what can I bring out into the light. This time around it’s the 1959 United Artists film "Anna Lucasta" with Sammy Davis Jr, Eartha Kitt and Rex Ingram - a film I decided to discuss since it’s been mainly overlooked (especially strange as it was pretty unique at the time it came out, which I’ll get into later). Also because I found out four things about the film and the play that it’s based on, that I never knew before, which surprised me (I’ll get to...

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