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Content collars Pudsey, Redirected sales

Content collars Pudsey, Redirected sales

Exclusive: Both films to screen at the London Screenings later this month.

Content Film has secured a raft of sales of family feature Pudsey the Dog: The Movie and action comedy Redirected.

Pudsey the Dog: The Movie, which Vertigo Films will release on 425 prints in the UK on July 18, has been sold to Germany (Square One), Latin America (Swen) , China (UA), Cis & Baltics (Cascade Film), Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia (Blitz), Greece, Turkey, India & Poland (Tanweer), Hong Kong (Golden Scene), Indonesia (Queen International), the Middle East (Selim Ramia), the Philippines (Silverline), Portugal (Lusomundo), Singapore (Cathay), South Africa (Videovision), South Korea (9ers Entertainment), Taiwan (Pomi), the Caribbean (Caribbean Film Services), South East Asia (Star), and Jaguar for airlines and ships.

The film, directed by Nick Moore (Wild Child, Horrid Henry: The Movie) and written by Paul Rose, is a tale of friendship and courage centering on a city dog moved to the countryside with his new loving family. [link

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