‘Age Of Ultron’ And ‘Ant-Man’ Details Emerge (Minor Spoilers!)

Read on at your own risk! There are plenty of glorious, wondrous plot details which in all honesty have made me beyond excited for both Avengers: Age Of Ultron as well as Ant-man and I sincerely hope all of them are true. None of them are particularly major and do not give away the plot of either film but should still be regarded as spoilers. The details are taken from the exclusive over at Joblo.

First up is Avengers: Age Of Ultron:

According to Kevin Feige, the new Avengers Tower is the largest ever for a Marvel film, featuring a large landing platform and garage for the new Quinjet within a large space that is full of windows, screens, and “techno stuff” but “really chic” with a lab directly in the middle where Stark and Banner work together.

There will, in fact, be a “party” or “celebratory” scene that

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