You Can Run But Not Hide from the Undead in this Preview for Disaster L.A.

Turner Clay is the director behind the zombie thriller State of Emergency (Review Here). Clay continues with the undead madness in the horror title Disaster L.A. Aka Apocalypse L.A., this film will be released by Warner Bros Home Entertainment. And, the film stars Ali Williams, Justin Ray, Stefanie Estes and Ron Hanks. A preview for the film is hosted here. The story begins and ends in Los Angeles. Here, several friends enjoy their first year in this massive metropolis. But, a series of meteors strike just outside the city and a pathogen is released into the air. People are contaminated by a fine dust. And soon, the undead are released on La's freeways, shopping centres and downtown core. As well, a movie poster has been released for the film. The graphic shows some of the terror in the film. Zombies lie in wait and explosions rock Los Angeles. The terror begins September 23rd,

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