On Trial: Blinkbox vs. Netflix vs. Now TV vs. Amazon vs. Wuaki.TV

We made the switch to streaming only services here at Nerdly HQ almost a year ago and have never looked back.. There’s very little between the services in terms of content, its the Pq and Aq that are the real differences and the winner on that side of things, at least in our BT Infinity 2 household is Netflix – the HD content look amazing, there’s very little buffering and even less picture break-up, something which can’t be said for the majority of the other services out there. My thoughts:


Before Tesco took over Blinkbox [completely] I was a real advocate for their service. The choice of free content was great for families, and some of the completely free movies they had were real rarities, stuff that hadn’t seen the light of day since VHS. But times have changed and now (last time I checked) the free stuff

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