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Me And You Review

Me and You doesn’t feel like a typical Bernardo Bertolucci film. While some of the themes of his non-epic character dramas is there, what isn’t there are the beautiful vistas, bright colours, and enchantingly foreign (for us North Americans) locales. Frankly, Me and You feels more like something from Wes Anderson. It’s a movie about an introspective loner type who tries to create his own oasis away from the insanity of everyday life in a grimy basement, surrounded by dust, dirt and discarded artefacts of his mother’s home. Thinking more about it, there may only be three things that separate this from an Anderson film: it’s in Italian, it’s got some darker tones, and it lacks the elaborate mise-en-scène that Anderson’s basement hideaway surely would have had.

Bertolucci, of course, is a little more grounded than Anderson. His “hero,” Lorenzo (Jacopo Olmo Antinori

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