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Grave Halloween is Coming to DVD

Maiko’s following in her mother’s footsteps, leading her to a vast stretch of trees known as the “Suicide Forest.” It’s where her mother took her life, and now Maiko’s come seeking answers about her mom and these cursed woods, with a documentary film crew in tow. Having debuted last October on the Syfy channel, Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing Grave Halloween on DVD in time for October 31st horror movie marathons.

Available to pre-order for around $20.00 beginning August 27th and officially being released on DVD on September 30th, Grave Halloween is directed by Steven R. Monroe:

Press Release - “In Japan, on the northwest base of Mount Fuji, lies a patch of dense forest roughly 21 miles square. Called Aokigahara, or the “Sea of Trees,” it’s also known as the “Suicide Forest.” For one woman desperate to resolve a loved one’s death, it

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