Scandal, Community, Utopia: Tube Talk Q&A

Get the feeling that television's kinda on auto-pilot right now? With the World Cup and Wimbledon dominating, the schedulers are just plain cruising - but with all those lovely Autumn launches on the horizon, UK telly is about to go off!

As ever, the Tube Talk Q&A has all the latest on what to watch and where to watch it. We're good to you like that.

What's going on with Community? I heard talks of Hulu picking it up but since then I haven't seen any updates!

Icymi - talks between Sony TV and Hulu to revive Community fell apart late last month - truly, this was the darkest timeline...

But following a fan-baiting tweet from the show's mischievous creator Dan Harmon, it was announced earlier this week that the dream of #sixseasonsandamovie ain't dead after all.

Here's the skinny - On-demand streaming service Yahoo! Screen will release 13 new episodes,

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