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Pudsey the Dog is on his way to the big screen

We've seen many things made into movies before, butI never thought a dog who won a televised talent show would be one of them. But here it is, Pudsey the Dog: The Movie, where the dancing canine (voiced by David Walliams) who won season 6 of Britain's got Talent makes the jump to the big screen. Talking animals are always a sure fire way of enticing the smallies, so no doubt they will lap this up. Released: July 14th Synopsis: A heart-warming, quintessentially British adventure for all the family, Pudsey The Dog: The Movie follows cheeky London stray dog, Pudsey, who is quite happy being a lone ranger and looking out for number one until he meets siblings Molly (Izzy Meikle-Small), George (Spike White) and Tommy (Malachy Knights). After the loss of their father, their mother Gail (Jessica Hynes) is moving the family to the sleepy village of Chuffington and Pudsey tags along,

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