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What can we expect from new BBC drama, The Last Kingdom?

Nick talks us through Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom, soon to be a BBC Two TV series...


So it seems Vikings are in this season. Casting envious glances at the success of Vikings on History and wanting their own Game Of Thrones phenomenon, the Beeb has ordered an eight-part series based on the first novel in Bernard Cornwell’s hugely successful Saxon/Viking saga, The Saxon Stories.

At an unspecified future date, we will be able to watch The Last Kingdom on a viewing device of your choice.

What’s it all about?

Set during between 866 and 879, The Last Kingdom charts the Viking invasion of Britain and the collapse of the Saxon kingdoms of Northumbria, Mercia, and East Anglia, leaving only Wessex, and King Alfred, standing. Set against this is the story of Uhtred of Bebbaburg, a young Saxon nobleman who is captured by the Vikings as a boy,

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