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Aria's Hollywood Party Cocktail Recipes

Beverly Hills Pawn's Aria took Viviana Vigil to Bar 1200 to find out what a true Hollywood Cocktail is all about. They tried two different drinks: one was a little sweet and fruity, the other one had a more complex flavor and packed quite a bunch. Whether you want something pink and pretty or smokey and creamy, we've got a Hollywood cocktail that you'll love.

Floozie: The Fun, Fruity, Girly Drink Simple with a slap of basil on a bed of shaved ice


• High-Quality Vodka

• Fresh Strawberries

• Kiwi

• Fresh Lemon juice

• 2 Basil leaves

Blend strawberries and kiwi together until you have a nice, smooth syrup. Shake vodka, syrup, lemon juice and one bail leaf vigorously with ice, then strain into glass full of crushed ice. Stir slightly to dilute. Top off with more crushed ice and garnish with a strawberry and a basil leaf.


Painkiller: A Spicy, Smokey, Manly

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