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Welcome To Sweden Review – TV NBC Takes A Risk With ‘Worldly’ Comedic Style

Welcome to Sweden Review

NBC is rolling the dice on an idea that not only has long odds, it has the potential to alienate a large portion of the target demographic. That’s not quite as bad as it sounds, because the alienation only comes by way of a potential nepotism backlash, and the public is somewhat immune to paying attention to such things, unless someone stirs them up about it.

Welcome to Sweden is a sit-com that is ostensibly based on Greg Poehler’s real experience as a New Yorker who moves to Sweden to live with his girlfriend. Because his sister, Amy, makes several cameo appearances in the show, there’s every chance that the “the way to get a sit-com is to wait until your sister gets one…,” theory might not sit well with some audiences. Audiences are picky bastards, and are made up of members who

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