Planes: Fire & Rescue Review

2013’s Planes was the underdog story of a little film no one wanted, one that was destined for a direct-to-dvd release, but, against all odds, found its way to theatres. The merchandising windfall ensured by a whole new class of vehicle in the Cars universe was no doubt reason enough for Disney to release a half-assed, miscast, and poorly animated spin-off to the big screen, but a timely launch window allowed Planes to make back its (relatively) inexpensive budget fourfold. Going up against another round of weak weekend competition less than a year later, Planes: Fire & Rescue further pushes the envelope for what the House of Mouse deems “theatre-worthy.” To damn with faint praise, there’s no denying that Fire & Rescue is, at the very least, a marginal improvement over its execrable predecessor.

The first Planes having so dogmatically delivered every beat of its “local plane makes good” story

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