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Firestorm arrives on U.S DVD

Hong Kong action icon Andy Lau stars in Director Alan Yuen’s (Princess D) action-packed crime thriller Firestorm, and it lands on U.S Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Sept. 23. Rounding out the cast are Michael Wong (Triple Tap), Ray Lui (Transformers: Age of Extinction), Ka Tung Lam (Drug War, IP Man), Jun Hu (Bodyguards & Assassins), Chen Yao (Caught in the Web), Vincent Sze (Vengeance), Chi-yin Wong (Life Without Principle) and Shing-Ban Lam (Young and Dangerous: Reloaded). Cop dramas are bread ‘n’ butter to the Hk film industry, and something they always do well. Add to that Mr Lau presence, and we reckon you’ve got a sure “fire” (ahem) on your hands here! Synopsis: A storm is heading toward the city of Hong Kong, threatening the lives of everyone in its path. As citizens scramble for cover, a crew of seasoned criminals stage a series of armoured car heists in broad daylight,

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