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Movie Review – Scar Tissue (2013)

Scar Tissue, 2013

Written and directed by Scott Michell

Starring Danny Horn, Charity Wakefield, Kenneth Colley, Daniel Fraser, Mark Cameron, Shaun Digwall and Imogen Bain


A young man is stalked by a serial killer who supposedly died decades ago.

Imagine watching a thriller that is heavily based in reality with a gritty, grounded vibe. It’s a bit odd at times and the acting isn’t very good, but the film is playing itself very seriously. Then imagine that movie takes a right sharp turn from serious to silly in a matter of seconds as its final act twist comes to fruition. A twist that turns this once grounded movie into a bizarre Twilight Zone-esque direction that doesn’t fit with the first two thirds. Hard to imagine, but such a thing exists – and it’s called Scar Tissue.

Luke is your everyday handsome lad who has a pretty

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