‘The Last Horror Movie’ Review

Starring: Kevin Howarth, Mark Stevenson, Antonia Beamish | Written by James Handel | Directed by Julian Richards

Found footage horror films are usually a tough trick to pull off well. Not only do they require realistic performances and events so that audiences are (at least partly) convinced that what they’re seeing is real enough for the length of the movie, but the filmmakers have to also balance that with telling a compelling, terrifying and – crucially – entertaining story. Some are more successful than others, with The Blair Witch Project and the [Rec] series being more obvious examples, but the found footage train has seemed to be running out of steam lately with many of the films made in the style regurgitating tropes that were only developed in the last twenty years and offering fuzzy, ill-executed plots that often only resolve when the protagonists buy the farm.

Which is why The Last Horror Movie

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