‘WWE: Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman’ Blu-ray Review

Now, I have been a “Paul Heyman Guy” or rather a “Paul Heyman Fan” since the nineties when I first discovered Extreme Championship Wrestling and discovered that the man who had previously worked as a manager in WCW, Paul E. Dangerously, was now booking for Ecw and later, the owner.

I was excited when I heard that WWE were going to be putting out a Paul Heyman documentary in the way they have done with many big-time wrestlers in the past, Heyman’s is a story that is both intriguing and entertaining, and there are many people within the wrestling industry that have differing opinions of “The Messiah of the Extreme”. This, in itself, was enough to intrigue me into anticipation for this release.

The Blu-ray release comes on two discs, as usual, with the first disc being the documentary portion. A very well put-together documentary, we are given a

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