Looking back at Through The Dragon’s Eye

Follow us through the mural on a trip to Pelamar, to look back at BBC Look And Read fantasy adventure, Through The Dragon’s Eye…

If you attended a UK primary school in the last forty years, then the sight of two white, animated eyes on a black screen turning into the heart of the word ‘Look’ is likely to trigger all sorts of pink custard and plimsoll memories. Those moving eyes signalled the start of an adventure (albeit one delivered in twenty minute instalments designed to teach you about literacy, apostrophe usage and the joys of magic, magic E).

The first Look And Read television programme, Bob And Carol Look For Treasure was broadcast in 1967, a ten-part story about two children’s clue-filled search for swag and eventual capture of a thief. Each episode was divided in two by an educational section, the material for which - puzzles, songs and reading challenges,

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