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Indie Spotlight: ‘Platonic’ Clicks Thanks To Strong Chemistry

The question "What would happen if you slept with your best friend?" is a tried-and-true narrative sparkplug. In 2011, that central question launched two movies within months of each other. A recent web series brings that question to the web. Platonic puts a welcome spin on a tried-and-true plot thanks to the undeniable chemistry of its two leads. Platonic opens with a short scene in which best friends Mj (series creator Matt Jackson) and Gray (executive producer Gracie Lane) embark on a night of passion after promising each other that they will never tell anyone or do it again. The series then flashes forward to Mj and Gray's shared job--they both work at a trendy restaurant, though they don't ever seem to get much work done. Instead, they gossip with friends and co-workers, with each character spilling details about his or her sex life. The most refreshing thing about Platonic is

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