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First Look at New Anthology Flick Dysmorphia

Know what we love? Meeting fans who love horror movies and then finding out they took it upon themselves to make their own. Yep! The indie spirit is alive, well, and not just relying on crowd funding. Check out your first look at Dysmorphia.

From Wild Eye Releasing and executive producer James Cullen Bressack comes the low budget indie horror anthology Dysmorphia. Each segment is directed by budding indie horror directors like Shane Ryan, James J. Coker, the Cousin Bros., Brenden Mitchell, Shawn C. Phillips, and Doug Waugh.

Check out some stills and the trailer below. Look for the film on DVD August 26th.


Struggling siblings discover their dead uncle's secret stash of lost horror films on videotape. The "tapes" feature demented solicitors, gruesome dares, parental murder, demonic technology, monstrous grapefruit, and more. The siblings eagerly watch each of the shocking, bizarre, comedic, and bloody horror films; but little

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