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‘Halley’ VOD Review

Stars: Alberto Trujillo, Hugo Albores, Luly Trueba | Written by Sebastian Hofmann, Julio Chavezmontes | Directed by Sebastian Hofmann

When watching movies you can take them on face value and just enjoy the explosions and entertainment value or you can look at the underlying meaning and see much more. This takes more brain work but it also asks you a simple question, what do you get out of this movie? What is it trying to say to you? Halley is a movie that definitely asks you to decide what the meaning is of what you are seeing, instead of just throwing the answer in your face.

Halley is the story of Beto (Alberto Trujillo) a man who to all intent and purposes is dead. Unable to hide the fact that he is decomposing he decides to withdraw from the world and quits his job in the gym. In his attempt to quit

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