Pieces Of Talent Now Available On DVD & VHS

I know very little about this film, mostly on purpose. I have heard Piece of Talent being mentioned by several friends, and on various Facebook groups that focus on solid indie horror, so it was already on my radar, but I have no idea what it is all about. A press release went out today, announcing that the film was now available on DVD & VHS through the Pieces of Talent website. I’m always excited to check out new indie horror films, even though the typical indie horror output as of late has been a little bit disappointing. However, there are definitely still a few gems that slip through the cracks, and this is shaping up to be one of them, in my eyes. Check out the press release below, and order your copy today.


Set in the small coastal town of Bright Leaf, North Carolina, Pieces of Talent centers around Charlotte,

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