Animate Your Work Week with a New Trailer and Fresh Images from Lake Villa Vamps

Dread Central's been covering indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez's Diy projects almost as long as we've been in business, and he's back with a new trailer and stills from his latest, Lake Villa Vamps.

This particular film is noteworthy as it marks Sonny and the gang at Down Twisted Studios' ninth production and first animated feature. It follows a group of bloodthirsty, murderous vampires as they are tasked to save the world from the mighty Brethren, a werewolf empire intent on taking over.

Full of blood, action, drama, and romance, Lake Villa Vamps was written and completely animated by Dt founder Sonny Fernandez and has all the makings of the usual Down Twisted film. It promises to take viewers places they've never gone before, including a whole new world.

With voice work from Dt veterans Cody Tergesen, Sam Ova, and Edgardo Osorio and introducing a whole new slew of talent including Matthew Brooks,

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