Lima 2014 Review: Refugiado, A Truthful Account Of The Impact Of Domestic Abuse

No topic is taboo when it comes to movies, but some of them do require care. If certain subjects are not handled correctly, filmmakers can be accused of being exploitative and/or insensitive. It takes a deft directorial hand successfully work with sensitive material. Thankfully, Argentinian director Diego Lerman shows such a hand in his film Refugiado, from which tackles the thorny subject of domestic abuse in a mature and responsible way.In the film, young Matías (Sebastián Molinaro) arrives home from a birthday party, only to find his mother, Laura (Julieta Díaz) battered and bruised on the floor. The duo immediately flees across Buenos Aires, desperate to get away from their broken home, and the abusive husband, Fabián. Throughout their ordeal, Fabián is never seen, only heard on...

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