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Girl Dresses Up as Boy - and Shocks High Society - in Classic Swedish Comedy of Manners

Gender roles and social hypocrisy in ‘The Girl in Tails’ (photo: Einar Axelsson and Magda Holm in ‘The Girl in Tails’) Poor Katja Kock (Magda Holm)! She spends most of her time serving others: sewing and mending for her brother (Erik Zetterström), humoring her grouchy father (Nils Aréhn), and tutoring Count Ludwig (Einar Axelsson) in his studies. Her brother gets all the attention and all the new clothes, while Katja has to be content to look like a scrubwoman in her ragged old dresses. When the Count passes his exams — thanks to Katja — he plans a summer party. Katja’s father refuses to buy her any new clothes for the occasion, so she breaks all social conventions by showing up wearing her brother’s formal attire. Then the fun begins. Karin Swanström’s The Girl in Tails / Flickan i frack, adapted by Hjalmar Bergman and Ivar Johansson from Bergman’s novel,

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