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Robin Williams' 5 Best Stand-Up Moments

Robin Williams, beloved actor and comedian, took his own life yesterday. He was 63. Rather than post a drippy and maudlin obituary, it’s preferable — especially when it comes to comedians — to remember their comedy and remember the laughs. These are our favorite stand-up moments from his celebrated career.

1. Robin Williams roasts Richard Pryor. If comedy were a religion, Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Lenny Bruce would be the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. When Pryor was roasted in 1977, Robin Williams was one of his roastees. In hindsight, this makes perfect sense, but at the time Williams was far from established. He was known in the comedy circuit but was still a few years away from Happy Days and Mork & Mindy. Williams’ set was brief, only two minutes, but in those two minutes he essentially stole the show. (Skip to 3:35 for Williams directly, though Marsha Warfield’s set was great also.

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