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'Punkettes' win big at Galactic Film Fest/Now available on DVD/VHS

by Gerald Beanary,

Jared Masters' newest release 'Punkettes', Aka Deadly Punkettes, won "Festival Favorite" at the Galactic Film Festival last week. It held its world premiere there at the Frida Cinema, in Santa Ana, California, August 9th 2014.

Punkettes in now available on DVD and Home Video from Amazon and Ebay.

The film follows the rise and fall of a teenage girl-band, with paranormal and horror elements. It stars D'Lannie Brown, Lauren Taler, Danielle Stavin, Skylar Ripp, Lourdes Narro, Dave Knapp and Jillean Tucker. With Layla Zova, Dawna Lee Heising (who was also crowned Miss Galactic) and Andy Dick (who also won an award for "Cameo King").

The film also features Julia Faye West, Ashley Whelan, Kyara Pintos, Kelly De Vries, Ella Arro, Kamuela Kim, Rachel Verret, Tammy Vo, Lindsay Lamb, Sunny Vachher, Stevie Ray C., Anthony Ray, Jesse Briandi, Penny Pollak, Billy Hendrickson, Mat Hayes,

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