Bayonetta - Gamer Cosplay Collection

Lisa Lou Who is Bayonetta | Photo by: Andrew Dh Photos

The last generation of games saw the birth of a new franchise, and subsequently the birth of a new leading lady with Platinum's Bayonetta. You certainly can't confuse the supernatural ass kicker with anyone else, as people whose hair can be used as an actual weapon are in short supply these days (and no, Willow Smith does not count). Bayonetta will be getting a new lease on life on the Wii U later this year. While you are waiting, here is a compilation of some of the best cosplay around. 

SandySuicide is Bayonetta | Photo by: Sergio Aguirre

Nebulaluben is Bayonetta | Photo by: Jose Manchado

Yuna is Bayonetta | Photo by: Yuegene

Nebulaluben is Bayonetta | Photo by: Jose Manchado

Carolina Angulo is Bayonetta | Photo by: Ramon Cabrera

Daireth Winehouse is Bayonetta | Photo by: Killian Pitt

MoonFoxUltima is Bayonetta | Photo by: jkdimagery


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