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Naked Ambition 3D (2014) Movie Review

The current trend of raucous, foul-mouthed Hong Kong comedies inspired by Pang Ho Cheung’s hit “Vulgaria” continues with the category III rated “3D Naked Ambition”, which follows Chapman To as an unlikely Av (Adult Video) star making his way in the Japanese industry. The film was directed by Lee Kung Lok and co-written and produced by Hk veteran Chan Hing Ka, who’s worked on everything from “A Better Tomorrow” and the original 2003 “Naked Ambition” through to more recent fare like “The Midas Touch” and the 2011 and 2012 instalments of “All’s Well Ends Well”. Along with the popular To, the film also stars Josie Ho (“Dream House”), plus a bevy of real Av actresses, including Aso Nozomi, Tatsumi Yui, Yume Kana and Okita Anri, all of whom work hard to provide the film with its most obvious selling points. The film opens with Chapman To as Wai Man, a

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