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Torture Yourself with this Pair of Clips from Stress Position

At the end of July we got word that BrinkVision is releasing the award-winning, critically acclaimed psychological experiment thriller comedy Stress Position later this month, and now we're back with a pair of clips from the film.

Stress Position is produced by The Siblings, A.J. Bond and Amy Belling, as well as Jessica Cheung with the participation of Telefilm Canada. It's a genre-bending film about two close friends who make a bet to see which of them can withstand a week of psychological torture at the hands of the other.

You'll be able to find Stress Position on both VOD and limited edition DVD on August 26th.

Director A.J. Bond and longtime collaborator and friend David Amito designed personalized torture regimes aimed at breaking each other's will but without causing any severe physical pain. Set entirely in and around an avant-garde torture chamber custom built in an isolated warehouse, the

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