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Watch: 50-Minute Robert Altman Documentary 'Made In The USA'

Without a doubt, Robert Altman is one of the most influential directors in American film history. Always creative, innovative, subversive and prolific, he took chances and tried almost every single genre and narrative approach without sacrificing his distinct style until his passing in 2006. His commercial and/or critical hits are each bona fide classics in American cinema. "Nashville," "Mash," "The Long Goodbye," "McCabe and Mrs. Miller," "The Player," "Short Cuts," "Gosford Park"… the list goes on and on. Even his misses (does anyone remember "O.C. and Stiggs," Altman’s bizarre attempt at an '80s sex comedy?) are fascinating. Now you can get your Altman fix by revisiting an excellent documentary that has been kicking around online. Originally produced and broadcast in 1996 by England’s Channel 4 (let’s face it, the European audience appreciated Altman a lot more than Americans ever did) as part of...

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