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Film4 FrightFest 2014 Review – Extinction (2015)

Extinction, 2015

Written and directed by Adam Spinks

Starring Sarah Mac, Ben Loyd-Holmes, Neil Newbon, Daniel Caren, Emma Little Lees, Simon Burbage, Dolores Reynals, Ross O’Hennessey, Ernesto Cantu, Angela Peters


Deep in the Amazon jungle a research team lead by a respected Professor strive to protect vulnerable and endangered species, but when their guides abandon them they soon realize they are in the hunting ground of prehistoric apex predators.

Extinction is a classic example of how the found footage genre has grown old and tired. Even when you try a different take on the genre, it falls into the same old traps, cliches and horrific levels of boredom. Simply put, Extinction is a dreadful movie. What’s frustrating is that it should have been great. It’s a found footage movie which means it will always struggle, but it’s a found footage movie about dinosaurs! How could they mess this be bad?

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