Catching Up with The Boy from Space and The Changes – 70s BBC Children’s Chillers

The rise of YouTube and a handful of committed archivists/nostalgics means that almost any programme you grew up with can be remembered, found and rewatched in seconds. Conversations which used to end with fond, communal remembrances now finish two minutes into a YouTube video with rose-tinted bubbles burst and a shared sigh of disappointment. Make no mistake – this is a good thing.

The latest releases from the BFI, to coincide with their Wonders of Sci-Fi season, are two examples of the genuinely unsettling TV; both designed to educate, in very different ways. The Changes is a ten episode exercise in Luddite terror as a strange event causes people to turn against the electronic infrastructure built into everyday life. This is before Skynet and tablets for toddlers so, despite the sedate pace, this is as relevant today as ever.

It’s a challenging watch, the ubiquity of technology in our

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