Revisiting Star Trek Tng: Menage A Trois

A comedy episode starring the Troi family? Don't mind if we do. Here's James' latest Star Trek: Tng look-back...

This review contains spoilers.

3.24 Menage A Trois

The episode opens at a diplomatic reception on the Enterprise following a Betazoid trade summit, which – for the first time – was attended by the Ferengi. In Ten Forward, Commander Riker and a Ferengi crewman are playing Tri-Dimensional Chess, which is like our regular Bi-Dimensional Chess only completely incomprehensible. After Riker humiliates his opponent, he claims to have been distracted by the Algolian Ceremonial Rhythms which are being played in the background (oh yeah, that old chestnut.)

Across the room, Counsellor Troi is having dinner with her mother, Lwaxana, who berates her over her lack of a husband. When Riker and Deanna step away for a moment, Lwaxana is approached by Daimon Tog, leader of the Ferengi delegation, who offers to buy her (literally). She

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