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The stop-motion animation of Ladislas Starevich

An early pioneer in stop-motion animation, Ladislas Starevich's strange, touching films work still entertain today, Aliya writes...

Even in this age of digital manipulation, stop-motion animation holds a fascination for movie audiences, and there have been some brilliant examples through cinema’s history. From the year 2000 alone we’ve had Wallace And Gromit’s The Curse Of The Were Rabbit, Corpse Bride, Mary And Max, A Town Called Panic, and Fantastic Mr Fox, to name but a few, and The Boxtrolls is not far away. Not bad, for an animation technique that hasn’t changed much such it was first used in 1897.

Perhaps it has retained its popularity because it requires so much skill. Making a stop-motion movie has always taken months of precise, painstaking work. That’s not to say that modern filmmaking is a walk in the park, but I think we have a clear, romantic view of

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