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Tiff 2014 Review – Not My Type (Pas son genre) (2014)

Not My Type (Pas son genre), 2014

Directed by Lucas Belvaux.

Starring Émilie Dequenne, Loïc Corbery, Clément Le Guern, Sandra Nkake, Charlotte Talpaert, Anne Coesens, Daniela Bisconti and Didier Sandre.


A Parisian philosophy professor transferred to a dull provincial town learns to cut loose and live a little after he meets a brassy blonde coiffeuse.

A woman cries as her boyfriend has just ended their relationship; he also experiences a shock as the academic must spend a year away from Paris teaching in Arras. Life becomes more interesting when the new visitor to the city encounters a hometown girl who cuts his hair for him and a courtship begins.

From the beginning the differences between Jennifer and Clément are emphasized; she is an outgoing single mother who makes use of bright colours, and loves keeping track of Hollywood celebrities whereas he is emotionally reserved, conservatively wears black attire, and prefers to intellectualize about life.

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