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Hunters Are Looking to Snuff Out Indie Filmmakers

Know who's really killing indie filmmakers? Other wannabe indie filmmakers. Since making a movie has become so easy and Diy, the market has been flooded with trash by people who have no business even owning a camera. This makes finding the promising indie films an absolute chore.

Still, we wade through the film mire, and when something captures our eyes, we bring it to your attention. Take Adam Ahlbrandt's Hunters for example. Test screenings of the film have resulted in a 50 percent walkout ratio, and apparently one man had a panic attack following his viewing.

It is set to be released by ToeTag Films in the Us and Illusions Unlimited in Germany later this year.

The flick stars Linnea Quigley, J.D. Brown, Kacie Marie, Tina Krause, Haley Madison, Jason Vail, Mel Heflin, Shaun Paul Costello, Tiffany Carroll, Victor Bonacore, Jadie Goodpasture, and Genoveva Rossi. Ahlbrandt directs from a script he wrote.

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