Paddy Considine: ‘I was always portrayed as angry, but I was just ill’

The actor on why he believes he can’t act, loving art, feeling lucky, and the medical condition he has just discovered

About five years ago, Paddy Considine started to ask himself a question: why wasn’t he a very good actor? This enquiry led to a series of related concerns: why was he decent in some films, such as Dead Man’s Shoes, but so appalling in others? Why was he able to vividly portray an angry confrontation, but incapable, for example, of convincingly picking up a phone and calling a taxi?

These insecurities will be surprising to nearly everyone who has seen the 40-year-old Considine’s work. Dead Man’s Shoes, the eviscerating 2004 revenge drama that he co-wrote, may still be his calling card, but he long ago proved his versatility with comic performances in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s Hot Fuzz and The World’s End,

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