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In a Nutshell: Way Of The Wicked

"When the sons of the fallen came upon the daughters of men they bore the way of the wicked." An opening gambit that reads infinitely more interesting than the tagline for Kevin Carraway's latest low-budget horror movie. 'Evil Never Dies', anyone? Is that a fact? Well, as the filmmakers so eloquently put it, evil never dies but film careers do. Remember when Christian Slater was the epitome of cool? Now he's playing heroic priests in inexplicably dull horror movies. Remember when Vinnie Jones had the world at his feet? Ok, so that's a bit of a stretch, but Vinnie Jones stars alongside Slater in the straight-to-dvd feature that riffs on The Omen and Carrie. Here's a twist for you. Christian Slater plays a holier than thou priest and Vinnie Jones plays the part of a doting father. He's still a cop of course but the role of

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