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Complete Buffy reviews: Beer bad

Sorry beer, you've had your day. At the time of writing this, mere months south of 40, I'm finding that beer only leads to woozy inertia and a flabby gut worthy of Homer Simpson. No good can come from excess beer – I've even been told so by Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the latest episode which is appropriately called Beer Bad.

In Sunnydale, it's now even impossible to drink a pint of beer without something weird happening. Some of the more obnoxious patrons of the Sunnydale University pub have gone all caveman after sinking copious pints of ale. If you're new to this metaphor lark, then this essentially means that Too Much Beer = Rowdy Caveman. Even with a thumping hangover, it's still easy to deduce the moral of Beer Bad's flimsy excuse for a story. If only there was a bit more to it than this.

"The fault lies with the

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