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Mediatonic on remaking Hatoful Boyfriend and dating pigeons

We talk to the producers of the newly remade Hatoful Boyfriend about dating sims, pigeons and more...

Nb: This article contains mild Hatoful Boyfriend spoilers

Hatoful Boyfriend is a work of bewildering magic. This is, after all, a game where you play the only human at a school populated by pigeons. The pigeons appear on the screen as little more than static photographs of varying quality. Yet as you navigate your way through the story, and ultimately choose which of the school's pigeons you'd like to fall in love with, something strange happens: this surreal world starts to reel you in. You forget that the pigeons are just static images on the screen, and become ever more absorbed by the game's increasingly complex storyline. Before you know it, Hatoful Boyfriend has shifted from a breezily weird dating sim to something far more unexpected.

Hatoful Boyfriend began life as a joke

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