Wide World of Horror: ‘The Caller’ – to answer or not to answer the phone

The Caller

Written by Sergio Casci

Directed by Matthew Parkhill

Puerto Rico/United Kingdom, 2011

It creaks, it wobbles, but it doesn’t crack. That’s the best way to describe The Caller, a horror film that makes the most out of an interesting premise. The horror genre is not short on films with great premises, but it, much like the film world in general, is short on films that make the most out of their great premise. The Caller nearly blows it multiple times, but somehow Matthew Parkhill’s film manages to keep it all together and deliver on the promise of its premise.

Working with time travel, or time distortion as the case may be, is always a dicey proposition. It’s so easy for a film that deals with any sort of time theme to be a jumbled mess. There are a few times when The Caller comes

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