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Review: Pumpkinhead (Blu-ray)

A movie that I greatly admired as a kid even though it absolutely terrified me (mostly due to the fact that I was called “pumpkin head” by my mom because of my hair color), Scream Factory’s Blu-ray release of Pumpkinhead arrives this week. It absolutely does Stan Winston’s modest and heartfelt creature feature/folk legend horror movie the justice it deserves with their stellar presentation and then some.

After his son Billy (Matthew Hurley) is accidentally killed by a group of teenage motorcycle riders, a small town shopkeeper named Ed Harley (Henriksen) has one thing on his mind in Pumpkinhead- vengeance. He asks for help with his plan for revenge from a local witch who has the ability to summon a demonic presence known as “Pumpkinhead,” who can track down the guilty souls and punish them for their misdeeds. But after the gigantic and ferocious beast is unleashed,

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