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How ‘The Bridge’ rebuilt itself into the best show you’re not watching

In this Golden Glut of TV drama, it's hard for any new drama to break through and find an audience, because there are so many options out there (not to mention easy access to most of the great dramas of the previous 50 years). It's harder still for a show that has an audience and loses it to get those people back, no matter how good it becomes. Case in point: FX's "The Bridge," the current belt-holder for Best Show You're Not Watching. In season 1, the ratings weren't huge, but they were decent enough for FX to order a second season. The problem is that the original batch of episodes — translating the Scandinavian series "Broen" from the Denmark/Sweden border to the one dividing the U.S. and Mexico, complete with a relatively faithful rendering of that show's serial killer story — wound up turning a lot of viewers off as the season went along.

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