Drawing on real life by Amber Wilkinson

Chomet: I really wanted to do a film which was about music but not to be obviously to be a film where everyone suddenly bursts into song - although there's a couple of scenes like that Sylvain Chomet has made his first full-length foray into live action features with Attila Marcel, after previously contributing a vignette to Paris Je t'Aime. The film considers the nature of memory as its silent protagonist Paul (Guillaume Gouix), steps back in time with the help of his neighbour to try to recall the childhood trauma that left him mute. Whimsy and melancholy blend together to make this a heady but satisfying brew that features terrific performances from a supporting cast including Anne Le Ny and the late Bernadette Lafont. I caught up with Chomet before his film opened the 2013 French Film Festival in Edinburgh to talk about his latest work.

How did it feel

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