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The Bridge Ep. 2.09-2.10 “Rakshasa”/”Eidolon” an energetic pair of dramatic crescendos with one glaring flaw

The Bridge Season 2, Episodes 9 & 10 “Rakshasa”/”Eidolon”

Written by Marisha Mukerjee/Patrick Somerville

Directed by Guillermo Navarro/Colin Bucksey

Airs Wednesdays at 10pm Et on FX

For all the talk around the internet of how The Bridge solved “the David Tate” problem of season one by removing the whole Serial Killer with a Personal Vendetta crap from the proceedings, “Rakshasa” and “Eidolon” both prove – as the entire season has, really – that the show hasn’t really ‘solved’ this issue at all, even after killing off David Tate a few weeks ago. They’ve merely replaced it, morphing a scorned employee of a main character’s wife into a one-off villain whose personality and characteristics are as random as the motivations David Tate seemed to have throughout season one’s episodes. I’m obviously talking about Eleanor Nacht – and while the performance and dramatic storytelling around it continue to be entertaining, her

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